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  Dongguan TPS  Committed  to new electronic components and thick film hybrid integrated circuit product design and development, manufacturing.

   Dongguan TPS  electronic technology CO.,LTD  Founded in 2008 May,The company is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province .And in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places set up branch offices.The existing office area and production area of about 1900 square meters factory. Has a staff of more than 27. 2010 sales revenue reached 85000000 yuan. Is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprise.        

     The company has for many years by the film industry experienced technical, marketing, quality team composed of experts,Thick film technology is committed to research and thick film hybrid integrated circuit product design and development, manufacturing, sales, and provide customers customized design,Provide a thick film circuit product solutions,After several years of development.The company has developed the application in automotive electronics, industrial control, home appliances, lighting, and other uses of the series of thick film products,Among them, leading products, automotive (motorcycle) solar term door position sensor of thick film circuit board production capacity has more than 5000000 / year.Production and sales ranked the forefront of domestic.Products used in the FAW, Changan automobile, automobile, hippocampus, Chery automobile, Geely Automobile and other domestic brands of automobile enterprise,China is the most professional sensor for vehicle thick film circuit board manufacturer.